Dozens of people have been arrested for breaking coronavirus rules on the island, and more than a hundred incidents have been reported to police of suspected rules breaches. Obviously, we had a very leaky sieve which, so far, appears to have been successful at keeping Coronavirus out of our island.

Thus, in that context of the existing problems with the situation, it is good that the Government has listened to our community anger about the risks, and is now trying harder to improve protections. After all, prevention is better than cure.

The Isle of Man Government has belatedly made several changes to arrival procedures:

Announcements to remind travellers of covid rules before they enter the Island have been prepared for the Island’s ferries.

It’s understood similar discussion are taking place with airlines.

A separate lane for key workers has been introduced at ports, with changes made to their landing forms to ensure  entry instructions are understood.

Separate lanes for key workers introduced at ports

and further, this paves the way for an additional reversal:

There’s going to be a review of the rules surrounding the arrival of key workers on the Isle of Man.

It follows the jailing of five Doncaster welders for breaking isolation rules.

Chief Minister Howard Quayle announced the review in the House of Keys today.

Review of key worker rules announced