Our coronavirus “justice” system needs to be fairer

These two events took place two days apart last week. The two perpetrators of these two events both received the same sentence: four weeks in prison*. Event one: A Port Erin man who met with friends at a football club instead of self-isolating… The court heard on 22 October, Wood went to Rushen Football Club […]

The right tool for the job of saving lives

Around your home, it is obvious that different tools are good for different jobs. A screwdriver performs a very different function to a saw, and they are both very different to a stapler. Too often, law enforcement officials are forced to do jobs that would be better performed by other people. Here’s some wonderful news […]


A strong voice for Douglas South

I am today announcing that I am a prospective candidate in the Douglas South by-election to be a strong local voice for residents.

Help me fly for the Manx Solidarity Fund

I’m going to fly for the Manx Solidarity Fund at the 49th Annual World Tin Bath Flying Attempts (which coincides with my 39th Birthday) in Castletown on 22 August 2020.

A pride of Manx History: William Garrett

American President Abraham Lincoln awarded the Medal of Honor to Manx-born William Garrett in 1865 for his service in the Civil War against slavery.