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Late last year, I began drafting a wish list of books in the lead up to Christmas. A shopping guide, as it were, to those people who might want to buy me a Christmas gift.

Turns out that I forgot about publishing this, so, in the lead up to my birthday next week, here’s a list of books that I would like to obtain and read. I suspect that they would also be interesting to other people – many of these books were chosen by me because they were recommended by people that I trust:

  1. Genius and Anxiety, by Norman Lebrecht
  2. Phenotypes by Paulo Scott
  3. The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin
  4. Koren Pirkei Avot, Compact Size, Hebrew/English by Koren Publishers Jerusalem
  5. The Peloponnesian War (Oxford World’s Classics) by Thucydides
  6. Solving Social Dilemmas: Ethics, Politics, and Prosperity by Roger D. Congleton
  7. Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis by Ludwig Von Mises
  8. The Interior of Our Memories: A History of Melbourne’s Jews by Steven Cooke and Donna-Lee Frieze
  9. On the Subjection of Women by John Stuart Mill
  10. Edmund Burke and the Perennial Battle, 1789-1797 by Daniel B. Klein
  11. Emergent Tokyo: Designing the Spontaneous City by Jorge Almazan
  12. Skunk Works: a Personal Memoir of My Years at Lock… by Ben R. Rich
  13. From Third World to First: Singapore and the Asian Eco… by Lee Kuan Yew
  14. How the World Became Rich: The Historical Origins of Eco… by Mark Koyama
  15. Dangerous Ideas: A Brief History of Censorship in the… by Eric Berkowitz
  16. Ending Hunger: The quest to feed the world without destr… by Anthony Warner
  17. Compulsory Games: Robert Aickman (New York Review Books Classics) by Robert Aickman
  18. Nobody’s Fool by Richard Russo
  19. Causal Inference in Statistics: A Primer by Judea Pearl

And a movie

Come and See (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] by Aleksey Kravchenko

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