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Short version: Nominate your favourite coffee place from anywhere in the Isle of Man in the comments below.

Long version:

A couple of weeks ago, we ran a series of Twitter polls to “determine” the best home delivered pizza place in Douglas, which led to the crowning of Home Run by many hundreds of Manx people. It was funny to see the arguments over the best pizza, because in a way, the Twitter voting was irrelevant – you “vote” for your favourite place every time you order pizza, and the one that gets enough “votes” (ie, money) gets to continue, and those that do not, collapse. That’s the teaching of Joseph Schumpeter put into action! Most importantly, in the real world, there isn’t one answer – the pizza place that you like doesn’t need to be the pizza place that your neighbour likes. That’s fine, and that’s the greatness of an open economy: each person can choose the pizza place they want, and no one can veto another person’s choices.

So, let’s do another poll, but this time, with coffee shops on the Isle of Man! This poll isn’t restricted to just Douglas – if you love a coffee shop anywhere in the Isle of Man, you can nominate it to be included. Any venue that sells, or has sold, coffee in the Isle of Man can be nominated. If there’s a place that you loved before Corona, but is now closed, you can still feel free to nominate it below.

Step 1: Nominate your favoured coffee shop below. Each place only needs one nomination, and you can nominate multiple. Make sure you nominate before Friday 30 April – I’ll put together the voting brackets sometime that day.

Step 2: We’ll use roughly the same voting system as last time. We might need to tinker it a little depending on the number of nominations.

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