Isle of Man, population 84-thousand84 people arrested.

United Kingdom, population 66-million231 people arrested 

Ireland, population 5.2 million192 people arrested or “taken the details of”

The date ranges for the different arrest sources don’t quite precisely line up, but that won’t materially affect the magnitude of the differences here which are massive.

That works out to be:

IOM – 997 people arrested out of every million people

UK – three-and-a-half arrested out of every million people

Ireland – thirty-seven arrested out of every million people

The IOM is arresting people 285-times more frequently than the UK, and 27-times more than Ireland. This is because the UK and Ireland are issuing a lot of fines (fixed penalty notices) instead of arresting people like the Isle of Man.

These are amazing differences, especially in the world where many other jurisdictions are trying to reduce the number of people in prison, like in England & Wales, Scotland, Ontario, New South Wales, California, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Italy, Indonesia, and Philippines.