For most people, homes are safe spaces – especially as a place to hide from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. But they are not safe spaces for everyone, such as the victims of domestic violence.

Joan Smith has written a powerful article about this current problem, and the increase in reported domestic abuse cases that are already being recorded across the world.

In particular, she has some advice for Governments:

They urgently need to provide extra financial support for victims’ organisations to help cope with increased demand; they should instruct the police to check on households with a known history of domestic abuse; they should use domestic violence protection orders (DVPOs) to get the worst abusers out of their homes; and they should use empty hotels to provide emergency accommodations for women and children. They should also do everything within their power to promote the services that are already available for these vulnerable women.

Pity the women locked in with their abusers – UnHerd

Do read the whole piece, and remember that although your home might be a safe space, not everyone has such good fortune.