Michael Josem spoke with Lee Davy “on the art of customer service, why he gets out of bed, and his views on value”

“Hopefully, I create value for my family and friends. I suspect if I didn’t, they would quite reasonably cut me out of their lives. What is the purpose of life? I think it’s some form of creating happiness. And I did a bit of a degree, a Masters in Professional Ethics, and in that, I learned about what different people think is good or bad. Essentially, there are two and half major streams of thought.

“The first is this utilitarian idea of creating happiness; making lives better for as many people as possible. The second major strain of thought is the idea of service, duty and honour, and this is the ethical duty that is very obvious in the Bible with the Ten Commandments. For me, I was the son of a Jewish man and a Lutheran woman, and I went to a Church of England school in suburban Melbourne. I grew up without a strong connection to a religion, so I have tended towards the sort of utilitarian idea of the purpose of life being to create happiness with a deep and abiding respect to the other.”

Michael Josem on the art of customer service, passion, & providing value