Recently, the Isle of Man Government has responded to various Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests relating to the Isle of Man Steam Packet and COVID-19.

They’re all hosted originally on the Isle of Man Government’s FOIA websites, but their system makes it hard to link and refer to the resulting files. Thus, for your convenience, I’m rehosting them here in more publicly linkable and publicly accessible format.

Case #1688549

“A copy of any and all direction notices issued by the Chief Secretary to the
Isle of Man Steam Packet Company in connection with the on-going Covid19 pandemic.
For the avoidance of doubt such information to include those notices which
are no longer in force having been subsequently superseded.”

Case #1693178

Could you:
(i) Disclose the corporate direction notice for crew members issued as part
of Public Health protocols for Covid-19 prevention”

Case #1675325

“Please provide copies of all meeting minutes, notes, emails between the Director of
Public Health and the Steampacket in relation to Steampacket staff isolating as per
covid guidelines as announced at the government covid press brief on the 18th
February 2021
Thanks you”