….lol but last night i played in a 45 person Sit N Go and once I got heads up, I had a run at the end where in 4 consecutive hands I had: KK,KK,AA,KK …..seemed a lil fishy to me lol but hey i ended up winning the whole thing so no complaints here 🙂

The fact that this stuff happens is evidence that the shuffle is random.

The fact that something that has just a small chance to happen, and subsequently does happen, itself suggests that the shuffle is truly random.
How can you expect something to be random, yet not sometimes give surprising results?  By its very nature, something that is random should be unpredictable, as you (fortunately) discovered. 

It makes no sense to suggest that predictable outcomes (in this case, nicely spaced big hands) are a part of any random process.

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