During the 2021 General Election campaign, property developer Gary Clueit made a previously unrevealed financial donation of £250 to then-candidate for Douglas East, Joney Faragher.

Faragher was subsequently successful in her candidacy. After election to the House of Keys, Faragher made no public declaration to Tynwald of any such payments from Clueit. Until being alerted to questions about her behaviour this week, Faragher made no such public declaration in her public Tynwald register of interests. Faragher has belatedly updated her register of interests, an implicit admission that she should have revealed the payment.

Clueit is now seeking appointment to the Legislative Council. On 16 February 2023, Faragher seconded Clueit’s nomination as a candidate for the Legislative Council. As part of his nomination papers, Clueit made no declaration to Tynwald of any such past payments made from Clueit to Faragher.

Such behaviour is probably not illegal, and might even be allowed by the rules of Club Tynwald. Such behaviour is immoral and indecent, and Clueit should now withdraw his candidacy.

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