I learned a couple of years ago that the “antidote” for hot and spicy food was fatty food – so that if you were affected by something that was too spicy, it was best to drink full-fat milk (where the fat would compensate), rather than just water (which would just move the spiciness around your mouth).

In that vein, Patty & Bun’s “Lambshank Redemption” is an excellent burger which uses a generous serving of feta cheese to offset a little chilli embedded in the lamb patty.  Add in some coriander, zucchini (courgettes), egg plant (aubergine) and a juicy aioli, and you have a genuinely top-end burger that isn’t just a mash-up of ingredients – it all works together like an orchestra of burger delight.

This is a lengthy list of ingredients for a burger that often sells for £5 as part of their daily lunchtime special from Monday to Thursday, and yet, it maintains an interesting and fun flavour profile.

The buns are a little thick for my liking, especially since in my experience, you can suffer from a little variance in the freshness of the bread from time to time. That’s the only thing holding this burger back from being an “outstanding” burger, and thus, confirms the ‘Lambshank Redemption’ burger at Patty & Bun to be one of London’s excellent burgers.