Further evidence from Germany suggests that face masks are useful in combatting coronavirus:

“…We find that face masks reduced the cumulative number of registered Covid-19 cases between 2.3% and 13% over a period of 10 days after they became compulsory. Assessing the credibility of the various estimates, we conclude that face masks reduce the daily growth rate of reported infections by around 40%.”

IZA DP No. 13319: Face Masks Considerably Reduce COVID-19 Cases in Germany: A Synthetic Control Method Approach

I got myself a pseudo face mask in Douglas a couple of weeks ago – with a triskelion logo and everything. It was made as a neck warmer in a pre-Coronavirus world, but probably is helpful to some extent.

On one hand, I’m surprised that more people in the Isle of Man don’t wear masks when out and about, but I guess that the Government’s discouragement of mask wearing has caused some longer-term harm in this area.