I shared a post yesterday about a new effort to enable people to better secure their personal information. I think there is an obvious benefit to people having access to information about themselves: being able to record my weight, for example, has helped me to better manage it.

Some other people use things like the Ring Video Doorbell to keep an eye on who approaches and enters their home. These things generally improve the lives of individuals – there’s a very clear benefit of being able to monitor who is in your house! On a mass scale, however, there’s a risk to society – a central database of everyone who enters each house is creepy, scary and could be used for evil.

This article describes how one evil organisation, the Chinese Government, is using the mass control of data to enable the mass control of the public:

To increase their social credit score Chinese citizens have to do good deeds like report crimes, give blood and carry out “heroic acts.”

Committing crimes, being loud in public, dropping litter and jaywalking will have your credit score decreased.

It’s still early days for the Chinese social credit score but the CCP has plans to roll out a more advanced automated version using AI and facial recognition that monitor citizens 24/7 online and off.

Associating with people with a lower social credit score than you will decrease your own score so don’t talk to the plebs.