During my election campaign for Douglas South, I spoke repeatedly about the need to invest in high-quality diagnostic equipment for our island, to reduce the need for people to travel across.

This good news from the Isle of Man Government is exactly the sort of stuff I meant:

A state-of-the-art MRI scanner which has been generously funded by the Henry Bloom Noble Healthcare Trust, is due to arrive at Noble’s Hospital next week.

The Siemens 3Tesla MRI will allow more complex scanning to be carried out on Island than in the past, and as a result fewer patients will need to travel to UK hospitals for their scans.

Purchased by the Trust at a cost of £1.2 million, the equipment is the final element of an enhanced cross-sectional imaging facility based in a bespoke new scanning suite at Noble’s.

The department has funded a building programme at Noble’s to create the high tech suite, which includes a copper-lined room to house the MRI, an ambient lighting system to create a relaxing environment for patients, and new changing rooms. Innovision technology is also being installed so that patients can watch a customised video while undergoing a scan to reduce anxiety.  

Arrival of new MRI scanner signals advance in patient care