Liberal Vannin backs bank holiday petition
Liberal Vannin backs bank holiday petition

From IOM Newspapers:

The petition to reinstate the Senior Race Day bank holiday has been backed by the Liberal Vannin Party.

Created by Max Byrne, the petition has been gathering support on the website since the cancelling of the bank holiday was announced on Thursday and has been signed by over 4,000 people.

The decision to drop the bank holiday, following the cancellation of the TT, was listed on a Tynwald order paper for the May 19 sitting. Chief Minister Howard Quayle then later confirmed the decision to scrap it had been made during Thursday’s press briefing.

Chairman of the Liberal Vannin Party Michael Josem described the axing by the Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan as a ’mean and sneaky move’.

Mr Josem added: ’The 2020 Senior Race Day Bank Holiday should be immediately reinstated, and further, dedicated this year in recognition of the exceptional efforts of key workers in the Isle of Man.

Liberal Vannin backs bank holiday petition

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