It is essential to protect jobs. This is important both for workers and so we can fund health and pension support for people in need. Our community plan for rebuilding and protecting jobs is based around three key principles:

1) Build local infrastructure

This is the perfect time to invest in improving our roads, cycle tracks and broadband access. Not only will we directly employ workers on building our island, but we will create valuable assets for our community.

This includes:

  • Support the resurfacing and repair of roads across Douglas South;
  • Ensuring that the Glencrutchery Road bike lane is only temporary, and is removed as soon as possible; and
  • Building bike tracks, such as fixing the connection between Springfield Road and Pulrose Road, and connecting the track through the Nunnery from the NSC and Pulrose all the way into central Douglas, including a bridge over Douglas River.
The craters in Pulrose Road outside the Spar has been fixed, finally! This is good, and more needs to be done.

2) Ease the squeeze on family budgets

The cost of living is too high, with family budgets under pressure. We need to reduce the cost of living especially with jobs at risk.

This includes:

  • Support a new Manx Gas agreement for lower gas prices;
  • Support the repeal of the Manx tax on bricks and mortar retailers, to give local retailers a fair footing against online competitors and lower prices for consumers; and
  • Oppose the introduction of any new coronavirus taxes on the people of the Isle of Man, because the finances of Manx households are already under pressure.

Keeping more money in the pockets of Manx residents will allow us all to spend more money locally, leading to an economic multiplier for the benefit of everyone in our community.

3) Support development of central Douglas

Development should start immediately on areas like the Lord Street car park and the Quay to create jobs. This will enhance our high street, creating new services and opportunities for residents.

  • The Lord Street car park site should be developed as soon as possible using private investment. This includes the planned cinema and hotel, and also the construction of multi-level car parking on the site, so that residents of Douglas South can have the choice to ride a bike (using the tracks constructed above) or drive a car and park safely and easily in town.
  • Support expedited development of Douglas Quay and the current ruins around Fort Street, Lord Street and Parade Street in Douglas. It is a tragedy that the entrance to our nation’s capital is dominated by buildings that are literally laying in ruins. This will create valuable construction jobs, and more housing for young Manx families wanting to get a foot on the property ladder while simultaneously helping the environment.
  • Support the development of brownfield sites in central Douglas, creating jobs and housing, without needing to push the urban sprawl of Douglas beyond Vicarage or Cooil Roads.
We can do better than have an empty scar in the middle of our nation’s capital.