Roger W. Smith OBE of Ramsey has founded The Alliance Of British Watch And Clock Makers (ABWCM), a new trade body which has been formed by some of Britain’s leading watch and clock makers. The ABWCM seeks to encourage and guide renewed energy in the watch and clock making sectors.

Mr Smith, a long-time elite watchmaker from his workshop in Ramsey, is the founding chairman of the group. He said, “I’m passionate about helping to bring Britain back to its rightful place as a leading watchmaking nation. We’ve so much to be proud of, not just historically but today, with the great work, the outstanding quality and the unique spirit of innovation Britain is famous for.”

The Isle of Man has been home to three of the world’s elite watchmakers over the last century: John Harwood, who invented the world’s first automatic wristwatch in 1923; George Daniels CBE, who was arguably the 20th century’s finest watchmaker; and Roger W. Smith, who continues to produce watches by hand from Ramsey. Mr Smith was born in Manchester, but moved to the Isle of Man in his 20s to serve as an apprentice to Mr Daniels.