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Short version: The Isle of Man results are much, much, better than the results in the UK. The Isle of Man’s results are much better than in Jersey, a little worse than Guernsey. The Isle of Man results are (generally) horrific and terrible compared to the other island jurisdictions compared here, except Malta (which is similar to Jersey).

Long version: Back in May, I chose a variety of comparable jurisdictions for coronavirus statistic tracking. These statistics have now been updated, using the latest publicly available data as of the evening of 5 January 2020. These tables show all the Government-reported data from each jurisdiction.

I’ve created an online table to provide clear, honest and comparisons between the Isle of Man and other jurisdictions which is available online here. Anyone can view the underlying data.

The Isle of Man is the left-most column in each chart, and the different countries are listed in the order they were added to my records.

If you think that there is an error here, please comment below or email me anytime. In the interests of open and transparent science, I’m freely licensing the charts in accordance with the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

Isle of Man Coronavirus Death Rate Compared to Other Countries

Comparison with these Isles

The Isle of Man has a substantially lower death rate than the United Kingdom, Jersey or the Republic of Ireland. The Isle of Man has a death rate which is significantly higher than Guernsey.

Comparison with other island jurisdictions

The Isle of Man’s death rate is much lower than Malta, but much higher than the death rate in Hawai’i. The Isle of Man’s death rate is many many times higher than Tasmania, New Zealand, Iceland, and Australia.

The BBC outlined some limitations with making international comparisons of death rates back on 21 April 2020, but the nations here use reasonably comparable numbers. For example, the United Kingdom and the Crown Dependencies, have used the same definitions of a Coronavirus from 30 April 2020 onwards, and thus, these are precisely comparable.

Isle of Man Coronavirus Cases Per Million Compared to Other Countries

We can see three distinct groups – the countries with open borders (UK; Ireland; Malta and Iceland) , the countries with semi-open borders (Guernsey and the Isle of Man) and the countries with closed borders (Australia and New Zealand).

The number of cases per million is very weakly correlated with the number of tests performed in this collection of jurisdictions. The R² is only 0.233, a fall from May. This tells us that there is not much of a connection between the number of cases detected and the number of tests performed in this sample.

Isle of Man Coronavirus Tests Per Million Compared to Other Countries

Wow – Jersey does a lot of testing relative to its population! Iceland and Malta conduct a lot of tests, with the Isle of Man being down with New Zealand and Tasmania in terms of the number of tests conducted.

I do not have data for testing numbers in the Republic of Ireland. If anyone knows where that data is available, please email me anytime or comment below.

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