Wrong advice on the IOM’s Coronavirus website

For three days now (12 March, 2020) the Isle of Man Government’s website providing advice on the Coronavirus has been wrong. This lapse is creating an undue risk to public health, and needs to be corrected immediately.

In the screenshot to the right, the Isle of Man Government’s website wrongly says that people returning from northern Italy only need to self-isolate if they are displaying symptoms.

This advice from the Isle of Man Government is wrong. It directly contradicts the advice from Public Health England, and this error appears to be because the Isle of Man Government is failing to correctly update their own websites.

Public Health England have been advising that anyone that has been to Italy since 9 March 2020 to self-isolate even if they do not have symptoms.

Update: Subsequent to my report of this error to IOM Public Health, this appears to now be corrected (12 March, 18:00)

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