A couple of weeks ago, prior to being elected leader of the UK’s Conservative Party and British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson waved a Manx Kipper around – he used it as an example of the onerous rules and regulations that imposes hidden costs on small businesses.

Now that he is Prime Minister of the UK, it’s important that he delivers on his words – and the Liberal Vannin team are going to work hard to ensure that he does. As part of that, we sent 6.6lbs (3 kilograms) of kippers to him to remind him of his words.

Here’s a selection of local media coverage of this.

The chairman of the Liberal Vannin Party believes it’s important to ensure representation for the Isle of Man now that the UK has a new-look Government… Michael Josem hopes the gift also reminds the former London Mayor that his Brexit negotiations will have an impact on the Island’s fishing industry and small businesses.

Manx Radio

Liberal Vannin leader, Kate Beecroft MHK, and chairman, Michael Josem, have [asked] the new PM to keep the interests of the Island ‘close to his heart’.

Three FM

LibVan welcomed his reference to the Manx kippers during his final hustings – and posted off 6.6lbs of kippers as a thank you gift. Party chairman Michael Josem tweeted: ’You said you cared about the Manx kipper industry and the plight of small businesses in these isles. We’ve just posted you 6.6lbs of kippers to make sure you don’t forget!’

IOM Today