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On the main line on max radio online, am FM smartphone. Smart speaker from Douglas the shore radio van and this is Manx radio High Noon. 12. midday time for the news with Ryan Evans faster my read

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faster by those who find themselves needing to perform CPR in an emergency are advised not to use mouth to mouth resuscitation is due to fears about the spread of COVID-19 with new guidelines now provided by the Isle of Man Ambulance Service. The updated advice is being followed by volunteers of the Manx branch of the st. JOHN ambulance, which provides first aid training courses. JOHN Gill is the charities chief officer.

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We follow the recommendations from now on an ambulance service which is compression only CPR you wouldn’t be doing rescue breaths you wouldn’t be putting your face close to the mouth to see if you can hear them breathing you would do other say compression only CPR

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staffing levels at the islands Fire Service have Now improved after a 20% absence during the corona virus pandemic, Chief Fire officer Kevin grim spoke about the issue at the latest government media conference, he gave this reassurance.

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At one point, the service had a 20% staff absence, which was a real risk to our service delivery gladly. That is now improved. As a service, we introduce different ways of working through social distancing, providing appropriate levels of personal protective equipment remote working, where possible, introducing revised operational procedures and the increased use of social media to post out safety messages across our community.

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There have been no further cases of COVID-19 confirmed on the island for 13 days in a row. There is one active case in the community. International News next

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for the safety of our island and to ease demand on our health service Temporary all Island speed limit of 40 miles per hour is now in place. Signs won’t be changing, but for the good of our community you’re driving right now.

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further afield a protest is being held in London’s Hyde Park this lunchtime in solidarity with those demonstrating in the US over the death of George Floyd. Other events are also planned in the UK following an eighth night of unrest across America after the black man died in police custody. Boris Johnson and circus Dharma will face each other in Prime Minister’s questions shortly after the Labour leader criticise the PMS handling of the corona virus pandemic. He says the government is winging it and a heartwarming video of an NHS worker being reunited with her young daughters after nine weeks apart has gone viral. Susie Vaughn’s children went to stay with her sister as she worked on a Corona virus Ward, Manx radio news at three minutes past midday or next at one in the Meantime, you can keep up to date with the latest by following us on social media are at Manx.

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shoprite is continuing to follow the government’s social distancing policy please only one person per household where possible and maintain two metres between one another. Thank you and stay safe.

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Manx radio weather

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with Manx glass and glazing

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or via Thank you ran from the Ronald Reagan Met Office the Irish Sea weather the predicting strong winds at the moment and for the next 24 hours on the Isle of Man this afternoon dry with thinning cloud bringing some sunny intervals in an easing North North easterly daytime maximum 15 degrees Celsius this evening and overnight try partially cloudy down to eight degrees. Sure dang Thursday Mostly dry with sunny intervals tomorrow in the moderate northwest to the 15 degrees top temperature the overnight minimum is nine Friday is going to be dry and breezy up to 13 degrees jania wet and windy on Saturday. The tides on the way out low water at 21 minutes to five. This afternoon sunset 16 minutes to 10 high water 28 minutes to 11 tonight and how about this tomorrow morning sunrise on low water same time sunrise 11 minutes to five low water 11 minutes to five.

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More info trying to buy something from the UK that won’t deliver to the Isle of Man then call Ireland experts and get it sent to a UK receiving Depo and we’ll deliver it straight to your door for all of your domestic and business needs visit Ireland dot i am For more information or call 66 1000

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cattles agricultural supplies I’ve been serving the North for over 27 years supplying homegrown wheats homerun rolled oats, working clothing, fencing, animal feeds, parts, tools and emergency supplies called Julia on double 80206 or find Canales on Facebook, a man in line with Andy went furnished by magic carpet.

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Good afternoon. It’s six minutes past 12 midday the man in line live on my radio for two one today and today. Open line Will your chief minister Howard quayle NHK as well as through till one o’clock anything you like to report to the Chief Minister? Text one double six, one double seven, you can email studio Manx, or call 66 1368

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seems an awfully long time ago

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when the borders were closed

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when we couldn’t go out the roads

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were empty.

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And nobody quite knew what was going to happen next. And then on top of that, our Chief Minister got Coronavirus. Good afternoon, Mr. quayle. buster, my Andy, how you doing? Oh, terrific. Thanks. This has been a long, long time. Can you cast your mind back at the beginning of the crisis, how you felt then and how you feel now? How far do you think we’ve come?

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Well, I think we’ve come a long way on our travels and they If I mean I’ll give you a news link is not a link, I suppose a news update, because today we’ve reached a significant milestone and our battle against COVID-19. A fight that every member of our island community has played a role in. And I can confirm that as of today, there are no active cases of COVID-19 in the Isle of Man. Now under this will bring Of course, comfort and relief to many, and our ability to crush the curve and control the virus on the Isle of Man has been a phenomenal community effort, and everyone can be rightly proud. However, I cannot emphasise enough that this battle is far from over. there remains no vaccine and no cure and vigilance must be our watchword so whilst we have no active cases we can be no mean certain that the RS Island is is virus free and be my word. That’s an enormous thanks for the update. So no Active cases, something.

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So what do you think’s done this? Obviously the people have done it a combination with government initiatives and all the essential workers. But you must be very proud of where we are today.

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Well, I’m really pleased. I mean, I’m still saddened that we lost people on this journey. You know, I think we lost three in the community and and the rest sadly from from Abbott’s mood, and any loss of life from people living on the Alabama was was dreadful, but guess where we are? I’m pleased that we’re on this journey. I think the grit and determination of the great Manx people to work with the measures that government brought in and the decisive action that was taken means that with the teamwork of government of the people of the Isle of Man, we have got ourselves in this position. However, we can’t be complacent. A small percentage of the population has Have habit and we need to make sure that whilst we are relaxing measures that we have put in place that we do maintain social distancing hand washing and just being as as sensible as possible but you know, I’ve trusted the great minds people to be to deliver on and they’ve delivered for us.

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Howard you’re live with the chief minister.

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Good morning, Chief Minister. Good morning, Andy.

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Good afternoon. Good afternoon. It is now Yes. Yeah. Strange and awkward one Howard quayle to another Howard quayle. You get any my emails I would. Well, I was at one time we know that but they’ve all been destroyed. But then what I would like to do is now that they have the position where I in my car can pick up two neighbours take them into town. We need 18 inches of part in the car. And then once they get into town, those neighbours and myself, we all went to the same shop, we would have to stand two metres apart that seems a bit silly somehow that they can drive down with me from when I’m living and then have to sanction themselves separate themselves from me. But what concerns me is that the shops themselves are gone to a great deal of expense to initiate this and to carry it out.

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And there doesn’t seem to be any clarity. Also,

Unknown Speaker 10:37
on these driving school,

Unknown Speaker 10:40
I know the information is going to go directly to the driving schools but the public who are using these should have some sort of information as to the sanitation of the vehicles because if a car showroom opens up that car that’s in the showroom Cobra test drive, should be notified has been sanitised and clean, but there’s no notification no specification for what’s going to happen to the driving schools. Okay, well, if I can come back on the two points Howard, which you which you’ve raised and first and foremost is his lifts with your neighbours and two neighbours that may or may well be but they have to be from the same household. It is your personal responsibility to decide whether you want to give a lift to those people, you make the choices it’s what’s the right choice for you. Now because of the low level of risk now on the Isle of Man, we felt, particularly with elderly people who have been scooped up in home haven’t been able to get out they can’t drive. The ability to get out and see the great Manx countryside was something that we thought would be more beneficial to them than being cooped up. We were concerned concerned about the mental well being of people who have been isolated for too long. You You know, your medical situation yourself. So it really is your decision on what you want to do. And as I say, we’ve reduced the risk by limiting limiting it to two people from the same household and we have to trust people and we you know, the people have never let us down to to be sensible, sensible about this. Now regarding the car test while driving tests or going out in cars at your test drive, we have given lots of guidance for industries on this. And I know before we announced that you could start sharing a car again, we had wrong and emailed where possible all the driving instructors I know there was one or two that fell through the, the the net and I can only apologise to that but the Department of infrastructure have done their best to speak to everyone there. And the guidance is available for all the industries whether it’s someone selling a car, or someone doing a driving test and an instructor. Well, thanks very much for your time. by Howard and I hopefully I’ve allayed some of your concerns. Yes, it’s just as I say that driving school with the public, Amazon after five or six people a day, assuming they’re going to be in busy getting into the same car, and who is going to sanitise and guarantee that car is clean before the next person going in for the driver’s lessons? Yeah, well, it’s on our website, the the information for those people provided no services. And yes, we do expect them to clean that car before the next person gets in. They need to take responsibility for for for their business, but we, we obviously public transport, we’re doing more cleaning of our buses. And, you know, the health and safety is of course really important to us. And if you have any concerns that someone’s maybe not following the rules then please contact our group. reported to our health and safety but we have to move forward. We have to do this a step at a time to allow more people to get on with their lives. And if you can’t drive and you’re learning to drive, I know you’d be frustrated

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that you haven’t been able to have your driving lessons. So we’re trying to be as helpful as possible what we’re still asking people to be responsible, follow the rules, and we have been giving advice to driving school instructors to regarding the cleaning of cars and how they can protect themselves as well by being sensible. Okay. Thank you, Howard. Jolly good. Thanks, Howard. Now, messaging from Kate. This regards getting to Ireland the lack of any travel options to Ireland and Kate says we there’s no way to get directly to any part of Ireland and no suggestion of anything in the near future. The only option to get to Ireland is to go via England, which involves taking two flights or two ferries. This also increases the risk of obviously as Coronavirus is still in England. We ask for some level of transport link provided to Ireland in the near future. Once a week flight to Belfast or Dublin will be reasonable as well. Many people in the Isle of Man refer to the adjacent island as England, but actually there are two Ireland and England. This is from Kate I think, who has a daughter, I think University in Belfast, and quite a few people have asked about links to Ireland Chief Minister.

Unknown Speaker 15:27
Yeah, the island of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Well, I have a bit of optimism here. And I know whilst airlines are independent commercial businesses that have to make their own choices, we have been working closely with them throughout the emergency period about their next steps. Now there is definitely an intention for services to Dublin to return on although I don’t think we will see that return to normal flying this month. We realise that Ireland is another country that has done well in its emergency response. So maybe that the routes to the Republic of Ireland come back sooner than some others. So, I would hope that you know, this will happen next year. It’s not going to happen the next few weeks, but we will be working on ways of how we can safely allow people to come over here or to go there, but it’s an element of quarantine, we’ll, we’ll have to take place but Ireland have done really well with their handling offered, as have our colleagues in Jersey, Guernsey and I know Iceland to is another area that’s still very well. So would it would we be talking for

Before relying or quoting anything contained here, you should verify it against the underlying audio recorded here. Time Stamps and automatically-generated speaker names should help in the verification.

Unknown Speaker 16:27
Ireland and Northern Ireland, weeks or months? Do you think?

Unknown Speaker 16:32
Well, it’s, it’s in the hands of the gods. I said when we get to about the 15th of June and B. If we’ve still got no cases, then we can the number of cases and the adjacent dials, whether it be Ireland or the UK or further afield, then we can start to review so it really is too early to say at this moment. I think having our borders close to all but essential key workers repatriation, etc. has been one of the key areas on where we’ve been able To avoid reinfection of people off there on the Isle of Man, so I think we need to be careful with our borders. But anything that we can do to help the public will will we will do now. I think it’s a no to unhindered travel for the time being. But obviously, strategic travel to safe areas is something that obviously we will be looking at

Unknown Speaker 17:26
17 minutes past my date, Chief Minister, the man Howard quayle, he is with us on the man in line and Mark, you live with the chief minister.

Unknown Speaker 17:36
Oh, good afternoon, my mom.

Unknown Speaker 17:40
The other man is a small area, it has a relatively small population. And I would agree with you that the population has done very well in containing the virus like they have and you just said today actually, which is good to hear that there are no further infections. It’s I think it’s tomorrow. It’s the 14 days after we have any last infections. And it’s it’s vitally important, isn’t it? That the economy gets back on its on its feet. When I last checked, the infection rate for the man was nought point three, based on what you said now, I would assume that the infection rate must be zero. Is that not a good reason to now start opening up the Isle of Man with regard certainly to businesses, all of those which still can’t operate, although we are at zero rate. And the board is issue i would i would agree is a separate question. But we have to get up and running. It’s inevitable anyway. But in view of the fact that we’re 14 days down the road, no infections, surely that now is the time to really start getting me on and back up 100% Yeah, and you’ve got a good point mark and and all I can say is watch this space, I just want to clarify a couple of things that you that you’ve said, we have no active cases on the Isle of Man. That’s that’s a fantastic thing to achieve what we can be no mean certain that the island is virus free. And as I said, when we published our roadmap, this process may not be linear. And there may come a day when we find ourselves with new cases to report. So we have opened up an awful lot of businesses already on the Isle of Man. I think once we reach the 14 lat long, 220 day period of no further confirmed cases, then obviously there is an awful lot more that we can open up on the island mark and that’s something that we’ve been working on for for a time now. We can just open it up on totally unrestricted, there still has to be distancing and thought has to go into that because we could see that there are people out there who are what no and I think the technical phrase is asymptomatic where they have it they don’t have any signs that they’ve got it they don’t feel ill in any way shape or form and they could still spread us around the island or unintentionally Of course, and we just need to go a little bit longer than the 14 days to be before we make some of these significant changes. So yes, it’s looking really good. We have opened up financial services but I know a limit and the offices building construction agriculture, horticulture, gardening window cleaning, non retail shops, we’ve got the vast majority but yes, we do want to do more, and we will be able to move more quickly. But we it’s managed we are I’ve never been one to just open everything off in one go. It’s it’s sort of look at the data. The data is exceptionally good at the moment. And you know, as I say, watch this space mark. And we hope to be making no further significant changes as long as once we’ve agreed as on the data stays the same with hospital capacity and lack of active cases on the island. Which businesses were you thinking about? Really, I’m feeling very sorry obviously for the pumps. And of course I’m I’m missing the pumps has to be said, but it’s their businesses at the end of the day. I’m just generally saying everything to be honest with you, I I just can’t see how we can’t be opening up there are other places in the world that are in similar fortunate position to us and that their islands and their populations are relatively small compared to the UK etc. And we need to be we need to be making those those decisions accordingly. Yes, I can see the point about him further than 14 days. I can understand that and but You know, there comes a point where it’s going to have to open anyway. I mean, we we should be opening before the UK certainly. Because we’re in the fortunate position we are and I think we’re able to do so it’s

Unknown Speaker 22:15
the sooner we get up and running the least damage therefore is caused to our economy and our island basically. Yeah, if I can just come in there, Mark and Unreal assure you we will. We have been ahead of the UK and a lot of opening up of industries on the Isle of Man, we will be opening up our pumps before the United Kingdom. In fact, I think we’ll be opening up our restaurants inside where we’re Alfresco at the moment outside, but we will be working on doing that from from inside. Once the data once we’ve got a little bit more data and we’re working on these things. But if I was an opt in, if I was to take a guess I would say that by the end of this month, pubs should be able To be open, but obviously we’ll be working with the licenced victims association to work with them because obviously brewing the points have to be made and we need to make sure that they’ve got enough lead in time to hit the ground running but but as successfully as possible, but also giving the protection to their to their punters who want to prop up the bar and have a pint or drink and and socialise. So we’ve got to get this right. But yes, we will be looking to do this, and then what I would call the near future, hopefully by the end of this month, certainly before the UK, and we will be making a number of announcements. And in the next couple of weeks mark.

Unknown Speaker 23:40
Okay, Mark, thanks for calling us today. Here’s john your life with the chief minister.

Unknown Speaker 23:46
Thank you, Andy festival chief within this ship. Can I ask you a specific one please about holding the borders. Manx radio has been running some adverts this morning. for summer coach tours off the island. The first one of which to pass on the 12th of July to temperature. And has the coaster company got advanced information? They jumping the gun. I can only tell him that jumping the gun we we certainly haven’t got any information, john, on, you know, opening our borders so that coach tours can take place. I think maybe they’re speculating. But at this moment in time, there are no plans. And I think at some stage, john, once the data reduces of the number of cases in the UK, we will be able to look at loosening the regulations on the borders, but I think there will always be some sort of border control in place until a vaccine is found and whilst that’s announced from time to time that it’s imminent, it doesn’t seem to be happening soon. So I think maybe the coach tool is a bit like EasyJet. Maybe they’re a national company. And they’re not taking into account their the Ireland situation but as I say, never say never if the UK does see significant reductions, then who knows. But at this moment in time, we haven’t spoken to anyone. We haven’t given anyone permission to run a coach to from the Isle of Man to the adjacent dial, whether that be as we’ve had already before the island of Ireland, or the United Kingdom, john? Well, I’ve had a number of conversations that have been possible because of the freedoms that you’ve given us over the last few days. And the clear consensus from people I’ve been talking to is, please keep the borders closed for as long as you deem necessary. We feel safe behind the closed borders element. You’re absolutely right, john, the vast feedback that I get from the people of the Isle of Man that you know, I do get an awful lot of emails, letters and cards and things from from people, which I greatly appreciate board. is a key topic. And you know, I can assure you that we will only open our borders when it is safe to do so, you know, we’ve gone through a lot of hardship to get to where we are now. And I don’t want to take the chance of a second or third wave of infection on the Isle of Man until a vaccine has has come forward. So we’ll do everything we can but equally, we have to get our people back who are some are still all over the world. We have to get them back to the Isle of Man. We need key workers to come and help in the Isle of Man we have to allow people who were planning to move to the Isle of Man to let them come so there is certain exemptions but the basic border closure will will be still there and will only open it when it is safe for the people of the island. JOHN, I hope that reassures you Okay, john? Thanks for calling us today we’ve had a note and by the way, it was towards Isle of Man in balla Salah just clarity on that the adverts aren’t specific to any trips. They’re just thanking people who have deferred the holidays to later in the year or the 2021 programme. There’s still availability they say on their coasters anyway, tools Allah man is as eight double to six double one Chief Minister Davina drop me a note from peel to say a massive thank you to the chief minister and all the essential workers who brought the virus under control and kept the island functioning. My question this is Davina MP or what testing tracing and protective measures Do you intend to put in place once the borders have opened? I’m sure experts are presently working on this. It will be interesting to know the thoughts so far.

Unknown Speaker 27:39
Well, well thank you very much, Davina.

Unknown Speaker 27:43
The testing that we’ve got in place is already pretty robust where we’re testing all our key workers, our teachers. Anyone really that? Has it has a concern where we’re still doing our 111 join the other be helpful. On, we’ve got the contact tracing team still going. We’ve announced that will be we’ve currently secured 10,000 tests of the

Unknown Speaker 28:09
kits to see whether you’ve had

Unknown Speaker 28:13
Coronavirus. baffle enable us to test a sufficient portion of the off the island to see what the whatever it is the spread has been on the Isle of Man. Now regarding testing of people coming in, at this moment in time, you could come to the Isle of Man and have the elders having just started to develop it, the test wouldn’t pick it up. You could then be tested in three days time on the test. Still might not pick it up. And then you could freely move around the island if if we went on just the test alone. So at the moment, that the clinical thinking is is that the 14 day isolation period is going to have to continue For some time, but obviously, if a game changer like vaccination came along, then it would be a totally different kettle of fish. Also, with the numbers of people that have habits, myself included, experts still don’t know whether we’re immune to the disease for say, the rest of our lives, whether we’re immune for six months, or whether our immunity goes out the window to three weeks later. And I think until there’s more evidence on that side of things, we can’t make a sensible decision. So the testing regime will will continue as as, as we do now, we’re not getting so many calls to the World War One helpline for people needing a test but we are checking your key workers. And I can’t really give more information on that because there’s still an awful lot of data that isn’t there yet on whether if you’ve had it, you you keep an antibody that’s effective. And as I say, I still don’t No one I don’t think anyone does when the vaccine will be a good vaccine will be out there for us all to get. And obviously when it does come out, we will be getting it for the people of the Isle of Man

Unknown Speaker 30:12
and all that other person though, as well. Chief Minister, a lady stopped me in the best guitar shop right the other day when she knew you, you were going to be out and said, Look, can you ask the Chief Minister? People were worried about his health because obviously you’re in a vulnerable category. What’s the prognosis for yourself? I mean, do you feel well and what is what’s your GP said to you?

Unknown Speaker 30:34
Well, I haven’t been to see my GP obviously I self isolated in my house. I was concerned that a family member who was highly vulnerable didn’t get it. I’m glad that didn’t happen. I was really ill for the first week. I’ll be honest with you, I had a high temperature I was really drained. I had to carry on work in chairing meetings, but it took me a good few weeks to get my full strength back. And I’m there now but obviously the the effects long hours is a task just not me, not just me or my team, whether it be in the in the health service, please, my offices around me. We’re all working long hours, and I look forward to, you know, getting a proper weekend off. But I thank the person for their kindness and thinking about me. I was inundated with cars and well wishes from the public. And I really, really appreciate that it helped me get through it.

Unknown Speaker 31:24
Okay, Nick, you’re live with the chief minister.

Unknown Speaker 31:28
Good afternoon, Chief Minister. It’s fantastic to hear the island has no active cases. And as a tribute to all those who’ve worked tirelessly to protect the population. And my question is, why is the Ireland not making PCR testing compulsory to key frontline workers to catch potential potentially asymptomatic cases? And could this be expanded to the wider community or at the border to gain more accurate statistics on the prevalence of HIV virus in the community? I mean, the island has had the capacity to test 200 people a day since the facility became operational on the 20th of April. But we’ve only been averaging 58 tests per day. By now the island could have tested over 10% of the population versus 3% of presence. We realise antibody testing is coming. But as the scientists that the islands testing lab stated on Twitter recently, they believe the island should be doing more PCR testing, which gives a present indication that the prevalence of the virus in the community at the antibody tests would be historic. Do you agree? Without more PCR testing, we are guessing at the risk of reopening the economy. Well, well, thanks for that and making obviously this is something that has been discussed. We have opened our testing to all our health workers. They can have it weekly if they want at this moment. And so we’ve kept the as well as obviously the people that ring up our 111 hotline to say that they feel they might have the symptoms and They have a test. So we have opened as alter the health. I think we’ve also opened it up to our teachers. And the there’s been a very low uptake so far on being tested. This is voluntary. I think we’ve opened it up to our police and our prison officers to it’s a clinical decision to test on how they do the testing make. As I say, we felt the most important thing was to do to our key workers, our health workers, but all those people at the coalface for want of a better phrase, first of all, and also on the basis of symptoms. Now, as I’ve said before, earlier on, just because we do a test, doesn’t mean to say that that you you are then guaranteed to be clear of Coronavirus because we might test you say in day three of your development of the illness you’ll come back with a negative test. And it’s so it’s only gives you a snapshot of a moment in time of what’s happening. On the island and what’s going around, and I think the data from the number of 111 calls from the public has been really low. I know when we first started it off, and I went to go and see the team on the first day, we had 800 calls that day. And we’re now down. I think we’re down to 30 calls yesterday, for example, and they’re not all wanting to be tested. They’re they’re asking medical questions. So we are widening the categories. But as I say, we did open the test of voluntary to a wide number of people. And we only had a very low uptake so far. So I think the medics will be monitoring this neck, and you’re quite right. We do have capacity for for 200 tests. And the medics will be giving the advice to the Council of Ministers on that. But as I say we did widen up to we could have done 200 tests because we’ve certainly opened it up to teachers police prison officers care workers on top of health professionals. So, that is a big number for population. And we wanted to keep capacity for them to call. They haven’t come into big numbers and I’m sure our medics are looking at who else they can open it up to Nick.

Unknown Speaker 35:12
Okay, Nick, today good to talk to you. We’ve got the chief minister lived through till one o’clock today. Back in just a few moments time on the man in line text, email or calls.

Unknown Speaker 35:31
Magic carpets are delighted to have reopened and are adhering to government guidelines. Being the island’s largest flooring warehouse. Social distancing is made easy, and we now offer a one to one appointment service to ensure limited numbers and to avoid any waiting, please book your place via Facebook or call 801 700. We’re also now able to measure and fit your flooring safely under strict safety requirements.

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creating home.

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Unknown Speaker 38:35
Your achievement is to Howard quail is with us live on the air and so is Sam. Hello Sam. You live with the chief minister.

Unknown Speaker 38:41
Thank you Randy. Hello, Chief Minister. Hi, Sam. How you doing? Bill Medina. No, it’s it’s gone ahead. They’re good. Men are doing a good job. I don’t relate to being done but it’s too late now. That stuff’s been getting washed out there. My next question, Michelle So I know that’s been getting washed out there for hundreds of years, and done no harm whatsoever. But scientists say they recommend that you don’t do it, but you’ve done it. And we know what it is a minister don’t know much of this is caused by the conceited way of doing it. They’re no good three, or four or five parties. They’re a little bigger thing and a little tractor to push the bodies up and down the harbour. Would it not be economical for the government to buy something like that? Just to move them around the harbours and do all the harbours themselves instead of paying? I don’t know how much does it cost but I’d say millions. And could the government not look at buying these things themselves and doing all the harbours themselves? Yeah, well, Sam, I think you’re quite right. It is costing a few million pounds. The it could be argued that the design of the marina when it was originally built didn’t take into account the fact But we had toxic metals have been washed down, you quite rightly say for hundreds of years into the sea and because they were being washed down every day, so they weren’t causing problems to the sea because it was a very minute amount that was going into the sea. However, when you get it all kept in the Marina and settle and you have to dig it out, you couldn’t put large amounts of this in one go. Now, obviously, the dredging was went out for tender. The the Department of infrastructure explored a number of options, and they came up with this as the cheapest way most effective way of doing it. Now, obviously something I don’t get involved with personally. But I’m more than happy to take that feedback to the Minister Sam to, you know, see going forward. And I’m dying to say we have a new minister that we we’ve announced today and Mr. Harmon is now The policy reformed minister and Mr. Tim Baker is the new minister for the Department of infrastructure. I’ll be seeing him later on today. And it’s, it is his scheme and I’ll I’ll pass on your feedback Sam on that, but I’m sure they will have costed that out themselves, but I’ll certainly revisit that for you, Sam.

Unknown Speaker 41:18
Okay, Sam, thanks for that. And Roz, you’re live with the chief minister.

Unknown Speaker 41:23
Good afternoon treatments that. Hi, Rose. And you said that the testing has now been extended to teachers. Why hasn’t it been extended to the staff who are working in the kitchens and dining rooms? They’ve been working all the way through this. And virus etc. And they are in close contact with pupils. Why can’t they have the testing? Yeah, I’m not knowledgeable that they weren’t included roles, but I’m sure it can be and I’m more than happy to speak to our medics to get them up and running. And I’ll also mention it to the Minister for Education, sport and culture. And maybe if you were to speak to the school leadership team where if you’re if you’re one of those people working and the schools, then I’m sure this could this could happen. But we are more than happy to do the test. The names need to go to the 111. line, you know, from the Department of Education, sporting culture, I see no reason rolls why all people working in schools can’t be tested. So we’ve got the capacity we have as we either. I’ve been surprised by the low number of people who have asked to have the test from whether it be health police, prison, teachers, etc. So I think it’d be only fair that if we haven’t, because I don’t know we haven’t done the test. You know, this is the swab test, I hasten to add, it’s not yet The antibody test but it’s only fair that people working in the school people working in the schools get the opportunity roles. So I certainly look into that. Okay, I see.

Unknown Speaker 43:11
Okay, Jolly good. Thanks, Ross. Just a couple of quick questions. Chief Minister. Pat said could you tell me if it’s safe for over 70 year olds to travel in a taxi?

Unknown Speaker 43:24
Well, I suppose that that’s our risk them themselves you, you can be 70 and be as fit as a flea, you can be at 90 and under fit as a flea. And equally, you can be 60 and I’m having really serious health issues or a lot younger than that and have really serious health issues. So I think if you’re uncertain Speak to your doctor. At the end of the day, sit in the back obviously, it is your choice. If you are extremely vulnerable that I would take advice from your doctor or on that one.

Unknown Speaker 44:01
Everybody’s very interested in you, Chief Minister. This this is Gladys who said has he been established? How Mr. quayle quarters or where did you did you contact trace?

Unknown Speaker 44:13
We we, we we did at the time I got it. Half a dozen of my top team who are all around me went down with it too. So we don’t know. I was working in government offices, but I was also going out and making sure that our hotlines were were in place and just given support to people. Obviously, government offices was still open then and it could have been that someone came in and, and their hand touched the handrail. I just, I don’t know, I don’t think we’re ever going to know. And the what I am delighted in is that myself and more importantly, my colleagues that went down with it all made full recoveries, and some of their loved ones. I got it as a result of my colleagues guessing and so everyone made a full recovery that was infected. It was To an enjoyable experience, it was worrying. But we all came through this quite well. I don’t think we will know because of the sort of job I and my team were doing. They did contact trace all the people that we spent more than 15 minutes to when and all the places I’ve been to, and I don’t think there was any name or person that came back to us, but yeah, thank GLaDOS very much for her concern.

Unknown Speaker 45:27
Okay, it’s a quarter to one on Manx radio Now,

Unknown Speaker 45:29
listen to us on your smart speaker.

Unknown Speaker 45:31
Alexa, play Manx radio.

Unknown Speaker 45:34
And we’re back with the chief minister Howard Coyle until one today on the man in line.

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Yes. Take.

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Everyone’s talked about and planned for the when it actually arrived. He then looked at actually how do we do something that we’ve done

Unknown Speaker 48:51
naturally, I think with servicing tables and having people book

Unknown Speaker 48:54
there’s something quite exclusive about that.

Unknown Speaker 48:56
I think we’re all just trying to whittle away at whatever we can do. Hopefully spring

Unknown Speaker 49:01
2021 will just be amazing and we can all just start again. We’ll be back in the morning from 730 rounding up all the latest developments along with the weather for the day ahead and all the travel news. So join us tomorrow for Manx radio breakfast powered by Mike’s Telecom.

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The man in line with Andy went furnished by magic carpet

Unknown Speaker 49:22
11 minutes to one with the chief minister live on Manx radio and just a couple of quick ones again, Chief Minister. Let me see. Can you ask the chief minister about the NSC gym reopening? Can he give any timeframe at all? We’re desperate, says Ben.

Unknown Speaker 49:41
Yeah, that’s one we’ve been I’ve had a number of phone calls on fine pan for the message. We’ve used the NSC for the storage of all our PP equipment. And that’s been it’s been a real good help because obviously we have had to stock a significant amount of equipment up The NSA, I think that one of the things we can be proud of of our management team is that we didn’t have PP equipment shortages. And as a result, we had to put it somewhere and it was at the NSC. Now, we will be making an announcement on Jim’s fairly soon on who can go back and who can’t it might not be aerobatic activity, for example, may not be the the aerobics sorry, activity, for example, but I’m not so sure about the NSC. We that I know that we’re working on transferring all the equipment out of there. We’re looking at it and as soon as we can ban I know quite a few people are looking wanting to get back to the NSA. So yes, as soon as we humanly can ban we will.

Unknown Speaker 50:46
Okay. And just in addition to that, Chief Minister, I’m guessing swimming pools are coming right at the back of the queue.

Unknown Speaker 50:54
Well, it’s all about advice on on on medical advice. That’s something I’ll have to I’ll tell you from our medics, I know what’s being looked at at this moment in time, but the data and the transfer is the transfer of the disease etc, will be something the medics will advise me, it will need protocols to be put in place. But obviously, if say by the 15th of June, we still haven’t had any cases. And we’re able to loosen off some of the restrictions that we’ve caught in place and please bear in mind this is something I never wanted to have to implement the restrictions on people’s activities and your lives in general we did it to save lives. And the sooner this you know, as soon as we get back to normality from my point of view, the the better book we look at what how things are going, how things are doing, take medical advice, to see how we can come up with the protocols to protect people. And we will advise you when we’ve got more detail on that. Okay, final question. We’ve had hundreds

Unknown Speaker 51:53
of questions in today and I thank you for everything. But if you could be brief on this chief ministry, if possible, can You explain why Laxey pupils who are children of key workers and they’ve already had their schooling disrupted by being sent to uncon have now been informed that rather than going back to their own school, they’re being sent to the dune.

Unknown Speaker 52:14
Right. That’s something I, I haven’t been advised of. I know we’re doing our utmost to get all our children back to school as soon as possible. Obviously, there are key workers, children who are already at school, head teachers will be advising the parents of their pupils. They’re leading on on planning on what happens, so I can only assume that the two schools have got the same head teacher for both of them. And therefore, the safe way that they feel to get their school back is by doing this. So they’ll there’ll be a series of tough balances to make sure the head teacher whatever their decision they’ve made will be. That decision will take into account the safety of all the pupils and the teachers. Just about school, but I should imagine in the not too distant future all schools will be reopened but I can’t individually comment on those two skills.

Unknown Speaker 53:08
Okay. Here’s another quick one has Mr. Harmer succeeded in a policy amendment to allow cyclists on the pavement, rewriting the highway code has any account being given to disable users and unsafe to them partially sighted?

Unknown Speaker 53:25
No, Mr. homma hasn’t

Unknown Speaker 53:28
made it free for all on pavements. I believe he has moved legislation which will make it illegal for people to cycle on the roads, so on pavements, but there will be certain sectors where you may be able to do but he will be putting out legislation, minor secondary legislation to allow that but i think he’s moved or that you can’t cycle on the pavement to protect people you know, who are vulnerable residents from maybe being knocked over. So I think maybe there’s a little bit of mis interpretation going on there. If we need to put a press release out on that, if anything has not been clearly put out to the public, then we will do our best. Can I just finish by saying I really appreciate the feedback from the from the great minds public and the support that they’ve given and the massive amount of emails, letters and cars I get from the public. I really do. Appreciate it on behalf of all the team. We appreciate the feedback from the public that really keeps us going. Well,

Unknown Speaker 54:36
here we are, then, Chief Minister, we’re now at the beginning of June as you say the important date is a week on Monday the 15th of June as well we’re now have no active cases. Knowing now what you if you’d known them what you know now, is there anything you would have done differently?

Unknown Speaker 54:56
No, I mean, you can always improve on how you you’ve done yourself. Obviously things like repatriation, polling, closing the border was something that we had to do it was the right thing to do. And I’m sure there are people on this island now who were alive that wouldn’t have been alive if we hadn’t closed the border. I think as you go along you, you learn you, you, you learn lessons on how you can improve your service. You get more data on where the illnesses, but I think the fundamentals of we continued, we never stopped tracing and testing our people. We did close our borders, and we did regularly communicate with our public. You know, I know it was a little bit ropey maybe at the start, I’m not a meteor expert, and we’ve increased or hopefully upped our game. We’re doing our best and there’s always places where you can do better if you look back, but I think the basics we got right.

Unknown Speaker 55:52
Good to toe to Chief Minister, thanks for making time in your day with us today.

Unknown Speaker 55:56
Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 56:01
Check Mr. Howard quayle today on the man in line. Thank you very much for all your messages. After the hundreds of questions I’m sorry we couldn’t get to everyone but thanks once again to the Chief Minister Howard quayle and our studio producer Howard K.

Unknown Speaker 56:22
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Unknown Speaker 56:50
Oh, today when the man in lines not on air Coleman’s radio to leave your opinion

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