When it comes to food – like most things in life – I want to have a strategy, and a conception of how to make good decisions.  Here are some thoughts…

Here’s some thought-provoking ideas from one economist on how to find great food in restaurants:

  1. In the Fanciest Restaurants, Order What Sounds Least Appetizing
  2. Beware the Beautiful, Laughing Women
  3. Get Out of the City and Into the Strip Mall
  4. Admit What You Don’t Know
  5. Exploit Restaurant Workers
  6. Prefer Vietnamese to Thai

In addition, I think that “destination” restaurants, where people go out of their way to find and visit, are particularly good opportunities to find interesting food. After all, they’ve got to be special enough that people go out of their way to make a conscious decision to visit, rather than merely stumble upon.  Some great examples in London include MeatLiquor (just off Oxford Street, down a random side street) and Bad Egg (buried away near Moorgate, no one stumbles across that place on a weekend).

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