An interview with Paul Moulton of Isle of Man TV:

Coverage in the Isle of Man Examiner:

Party chairman Michael Josem told the Examiner that the information shows a rise of large rise in the median price of housing from the 1990s.

Throughout the 1990s, a median house in the Isle of Man cost an average of 5.18 times a median salary.

Whereas throughout the 2010s, a median house in the Isle of Man cost an average of 8.94 times a median salary, this is a rise of 72.8% from the 1990s.

Lib Vannin warn of housing crisis

and Manx Radio:

Liberal Vannin say buying a home “increasingly unaffordable”

We need to build more housing to meet the current high demand.

That’s the conclusion of Liberal Vannin chair Michael Josem after a freedom of information request shows buying a home is becoming increasingly unaffordable for Island residents.

Josem calls for more housing to meet demand

My own video on YouTube about the issue:

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