Episode 2 of ‘Cooking with Josem’ was streamed on Facebook Live on Sunday 12 February, 2012.

It featured:

If you want to cook your own sous vide food, here’s what you need:

  • A device to warm the water and keep it at the right temperature.  The Anova Precision Cooker is widely recommended and works great for me.
  • A decently-sized container to hold your meat. This 18 litre container (Amazon link) is close to the maximum size supported by the Anova Precision cooker, and is also transparent (so you can see stuff cook over time!).  Incidentally, even though it is clear, the plastic is a better insulant than metal.
  • A lid for the container
  • Ziploc bags, either Gallon Size (for big chunks of meat like roasts etc.) or Quart Size (for single servings of meat like individual steaks or fillets)

Serious Eats then has a great tutorial on how to cook it (or just keep watching ‘Cooking with Josem’!)