For a place called “Dirty Burger”, their various outlets are remarkably clean – and their burgers are certainly not monstrosities dripping in fat, bacon or cheese. This London chain of very small outlets are dotted throughout the city, with a hot flat grill, wooden walls, and wonderfully fresh ingredients.

The headline Dirty Burger is an excellent, balanced, burger – the bun is a well toasted, soft and springy brioche, even if it is a little bit sweet for my tastes. It is served in a paper wrapping not dissimilar to Five Guys but without the crushing deformation that Five Guys often imposes upon your burger. Instead, the burger is beautifully formed after unwrapping. Half of me hates wrapped burgers (why would you hide such a beautiful sight?) and the other half of me loves it (unwrapping is the foreplay of burger consumption).

The Dirty Burger comes with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and a sweet and fruity sauce, served around a medium-rare patty with a good level of searing. The texture of this burger is very very good, with the soft and springy fresh bun, through to the crunchy lettuce and tomato, and through a meat patty that just works well.

The sides can be ordered separately, but aren’t overly generous in their portion size. That said, you’re not going to Dirty Burger for the fries – you go for the casual, and excellent, balanced burger.