Social media can be a useful tool. It is useful tool which I use to entertain, educate and inform myself and my friends.

There are, of course, many low end idiots and trolls in the world. Far too many of them have Internet connections, and their toxicity doesn’t contribute to my goals: they do not entertain, educate or inform me or my friends. Curating that negativity out of my life makes for a happier and more productive life – one less infected by the anger of (usually) old men.

Looking at the people that I’ve removed from my social media interactions, there seems to be a significant over representation of anonymous trolls, and I don’t think I’ve ever met any of those people in person. I suspect that having real names associated with social media is positively correlated with educational, entertaining and informative content. I think that seeing the participants of online discussions as real people who can have healthy and good faith disagreements is helpful, and creates more educational, entertaining and informative discussions.

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