The world is continuing to develop new and improved methods of testing for the Coronavirus:

Yesterday morning, all of the tests for COVID-19—traditional or rapid—that had received emergency authorization from the [United States] Food and Drug Administration required an expensive machine and cost around $40 or more. In the afternoon, the healthcare company Abbott announced that it had received FDA authorization to distribute a new type of test. This test requires only a coated-paper card and a small swab, and the scale of its production is stunning: Abbott says it will begin manufacturing 50 million of these tests a month in October. The tests will cost just $5 apiece.

A New Era of Coronavirus Testing Is About to Begin

As more new technology and new science is applied to this effort, it will become more and more obvious that we need to test, test, test and test to protect our island from the Coronavirus.

Hat tip to Alex Tabarrok’s post on this.