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In normal years, the World Series of Poker is the world’s largest in-person poker series (by a long stretch!). This year, due to the Coronavirus, it will only be happening online.

I spoke about the risk of cheating in the online version of the World Series of Poker with Forbes contributor Yosef Weitzman:

It is due in large part to the difficulty of successfully cheating that security consultant Michael Josem believes it is unlikely that any of the bracelet winners in this year’s WSOP will have cheated in a material manner. Josem, who previously worked on the security teams of multiple online poker operators including PokerStars, says that the “risk of cheating is not zero, but it’s certainly very small.”

Josem points out, however, that there can be subtle gray areas where it’s not entirely clear if a player’s behavior is acceptable or illegitimate. For example, a player might get casual advice from a roommate on a specific hand.

The World Series Of Poker Is Online This Year. Some Fear Cheaters Could Take Advantage