Watching and reading criticism of Donald Trump, I am increasingly annoyed by Trump critics who, instead of taking an easy lay-up criticism of him, ruin legitimate criticisms by trying to slam dunk on him, and in the process, going too far (and thus, undermining their own criticisms). Walking into the White Ferry pub in Victoria, I was incredibly sceptical that this was a good place to come for a burger – I’ve been repeatedly disappointed by pubs that make excessively grandiose claims about their burgers. Much like Trump criticisms, too many times I’ve been annoyed by people who over-reach, and make excessive claims – only to be unable to back them up.

In this case, Burger Craft have actually done an excellent job of making excellent burgers in very friendly and accessible pubs. They’ve backed up their big claims with some excellent burgers.

Burger Craft appear to basically take over the kitchens of various pubs near the big London train stations of Paddington, Waterloo, Victoria and Euston (as well as Battersea). Their burgers are clearly fancy and complicated burgers, stacked high with a variety of toppings and flavours.

The Juicy Bastard burger is listed first on their menu, and it is genuinely excellent – it is named well, and is, in fact, a juicy bastard with a whole series of different sauces. I was initially sceptical that their sauces would be too sweet and sticky, but on reflection, they genuinely work well (and don’t get too messy, either).

On the other hand, the Farmyard Burger is a little more dry, despite being a similarly fancy and complicated burger. This burger is merely good – it’s decent, it uses an interesting duck egg, but is certainly not as much fun as the Juicy Bastard. It is “only” a good burger.