It is common for conspiracy theorists to claim that they’re just asking questions.

Instead of phrasing their offensive allegations directly, they ask them in questions.

For example:

I dont see why is so taboo to think that MAYBE the online poker companies cheat at some level. If I deposit money in some bank before I do that I think: “is it fair?”. If I make business with someone I think: “is He honest?”. If I play a soccer championship I think: “are these referee cheating?” Why is it so scary to think: “are poker rooms fair?” Why do you people that believe it IS fair get so scared, why do you think someone needs to be paranoid to think of that?

I don’t think these questions are taboo at all – I think that people should question this stuff.

Email the site you’re concerned about, and ask them to address your issues. I think that’d be a good first step. You pay them rake – get them to explain how their shuffle works, get them to explain their safeguards against other risks, get them to help you understand whatever you want to know.

For example, one of the common theories that is spread around is that somehow the flop, turn and river is manipulated to favour particular players.

I’ve previously posted some extensive instructions on how to play at a site where such manipulation is impossible. Those instructions included contact details for regulators, and even some sample emails that could be sent in under 5 minutes.

Of course, as far as I know, not one of the conspiracy theorists ever took those simple steps.

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