A common myth is that there are such things as “Action Flops”. There are a number of reasons that this is impossible at many online poker sites, but the idea of “Action Flops” is self-contradictory.

One person describes Action Flops as:

The Action Flop Theory states that pros lose more often than they should to keep the newbs in the game. It supports the theory… that most seemingly disregarded out of hand, that the action is geared to get them to the money.

The people who make these claims don’t even realise that what they are saying is self-contradictory.

You can’t simultaneously claim that there are Action Flops (to increase betting) while claiming that the purpose is to keep bad players in the game longer. “Action flops” increase betting, and increase variance… and the greater the pot size and the bigger the variance, the faster the fish go bust.

This is like someone pointing at a green wall, saying it is black, and in the next breath, they’re claiming it is white. Not only are both claims wrong and false, but they’re also internally self-contradictory.

People can claim to have action flops (to generate action/rake) or people can claim that there’s a plot to keep bad players in the game longer. You can have one or the other – not both, because one stops the other from happening.

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