Commonly, people who claim that online poker is “rigged” claim that the flop in Hold’em:

  • Is paired too often
  • Is paired not often enough
  • Monotone too often
  • Rainbow too often; and so on

It’s quite funny to see one person who thinks the flop is paired too often agree with someone who claims the flop is not paired often enough – despite their beliefs being obviously mutually exclusive, the two people can have a conversation where they convince each other that they are both right (even though they are both wrong).

So, what’s the truth of the matter? Here’s an independent analysis of flops at PokerStars: an analysis composed by a player independently of PokerStars, not paid by PokerStars, and not associated with PokerStars.

Of course, this 2million hand sample shows that everything happens about as often as expected.

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