Yesterday, the IOM Police and I had a wonderfully productive meeting to help combat domestic violence in our community – myself and a pair of police officers discussed how Tynwald candidates can be best trained to identify and assist victims of domestic violence.

Earlier this month, I wrote to the Chief Constable to raise this issue. While I obviously have not yet been elected to serve as a Member of the House of Keys, I think it’s important for all of us to work together to combat the scourge of domestic violence. It’s especially important in the wake of the Isle of Man Cabinet Office’s mistakes leading to the hated third lockdown earlier this year, a lockdown which was likely correlated with a spike in domestic violence on the island.

It was a very productive meeting with IOM Police about combating domestic violence, discussing the “really good results” of the Supermarket Safe Spaces program to date. Working together, we are going to deliver some positive action coming together to safeguard the most vulnerable in our community, along with an opportunity to reach out to all Tynwald candidates to help combat domestic violence in coming weeks.

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