At least one Isle of Man Department of Environment, Food & Agriculture (DEFA) staff member appear to be looking to leave for greener pastures.

In what looks to have been a case of mistaken copy and paste, on the evening of Monday 7 February, the official DEFA Twitter account tweeted out a link to apply for a job as a “Media Relations Manager” for the World Wide Fund for Nature, a nature conservation group. The link was contained as part of a Tweet referring to a decarbonisation report commissioned by DEFA:

Shortly after attention was drawn to the error, the DEFA tweet was deleted. However, it is difficult for Governments to remove things from the internet.

The WWF says that it is a “Great vacancy”. The successful candidate requires the “ability to deliver multiple simultaneous projects” and “absolute discretion, tact, diplomacy and negotiation skills.” The job is located in the United Kingdom, and applications close on Sunday 13 February.