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I firmly believe that immigration to the Isle of Man should be carefully controlled and managed: there’s room to tinker around the edges here and there to improve the processes for the benefit of our community, but the current managed system of work permits has the right foundations.

In that vein, the Isle of Man should take advantage of a forthcoming new visa being introduced for the UK: the High Potential Individual Visa. The visa will be available to people from across the world who have great potential to be able to contribute to building our nation. This new visa route will open at the end of next month.

The Isle of Man Government should immediately waive any requirement for a work permit for anyone holding a High Potential Individual Visa (and their spouses). This will allow such people to come to the Isle of Man, contribute to the Isle of Man, and allow the Isle of Man to benefit from the potential of applicants developing an exciting and dynamic career on the Isle of Man.

Such applicants have already been vetted by the UK immigration system as being of good character, speaking English, being able to support themselves financially, and so on. These people will be judged on their capability to contribute to the nation, and will be judged on the content of their character, and not the colour of their skin.