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No less than four media outlets here in the Isle of Man have reported, that “The Isle of Man will be represented at the United Nations’ landmark COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow next month.”

This was reported by Manx Radio here. This was reported by BBC here. This was reported by Three.FM here. This was reported by Energy FM here. The Isle of Man Newspapers might have written a story about it in the print media, and might publish an online story about it too. The media reporting appears to be substantially based upon a media release issued by the Isle of Man Government here.

It is weird, then, that none of the four media reports linked above provide any detail about the size of the delegation, the costs of the delegation, or the impact of the delegation on the environment. Apparently a politician is going, though.

This is why we need independent organisations like the Manx TaxPayers’ Alliance in our community to properly scrutinise what our Government is actually doing.