An alpaca in Loch Ness
An alpaca in Loch Ness

A whole bunch of media outlets around the world have reported on a sighting at Loch Nessof alpacas.

Metro reports:

One creature was indeed lurking within Loch Ness this weekend, and craning its long neck up above the water.

And the silhouette of the animal did look remarkably similar to the iconic 1934 photograph of Nessie ‘proof.’

But it was no mythical legend on the banks of the loch, but instead a runaway alpaca.

A group of the furry animals had broken free from their pen in nearby Dores, Inverness.

The excitement of their Houdini-esque escape had led them to the waters of Loch Ness, where they soon darted in for a quick dip.

Loch Ness Monster was actually just an escaped alpaca going for a swim

The alpacas came from the local alpaca sanctuary at Loch Ness Alpacas.