easter lily
Photo by Ashlee Marie on Pexels.com

If you stand up for what is right, then little people will throw various slurs at you from time to time. Such things come not because of your own weaknesses, but theirs. I often fail to remember this.

When I meet people who are deeply loved, who are secure in their life, and who are happy in their purpose in life, they have nothing to spread but truth and love. They want to bring people up to their level. I find them joining sports teams, joining faith teams, joining service teams, joining social teams. I find them creating a better world.

When I find angry people who throw slurs and abuse, I see them writing nasty things on the internet. I think this is because they want to bring people down to their level. It is tough to ignore and forgive the gutter merchants, but I need to remember that they are doing this because of their own problems and battles in life. Those battles are often unseen to me – but just because I don’t see them, it doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.

If they were happy and secure and productive and working towards positive purpose in life, they would be building you up. They would support you in telling the truth. I hope that in due course, even the gutter merchants of the internet find their own love and purpose and grace in life. I would do well to remember this more than I do.