joyful adult daughter greeting happy surprised senior mother in garden
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Many families across these Isles have been separated for more than a year. Many families have suffered worse than separation: they have suffered great personal losses, with the people of Mann suffering a death rate roughly average compared to the rest of the world1.

Some moments have been irretrievably lost, and will never come back.

But there are some great moments to come – as many families across these Isles and the world reunite, I expect that this will create an outstanding new genre of videos on the internet: videos of families reuniting after this awful plague. Some will features grandparents holding their grandchildren for the first time. Some will be separated brothers and sisters. Some will be separated parents and children.

I expect there will be many wonderful videos made like this – videos that can’t help but make you cry with shared happiness.


  1. While the data isn’t perfect, and while the data moves around from day-to-day, the Isle of Man’s death rate is currently around 340/million, compared to a global average of 373/million. We’re somewhere between Iraq (357) and Kuwait (320).