Tynwald Chamber
Credit: Paula Funnell

Currently, the Clerk of Tynwald publishes what pretends to be a Register of Members’ Interests.

The Standing Orders of Tynwald requires members of Tynwald to disclose various things, including land and stock holdings, details of support received from various groups, and “membership of…any body outside Tynwald.”

It is deeply unprofessional that multiple members of Tynwald appear to have failed to make any declarations in accordance with the rules that apply. Others have made awfully “sparse” declarations[efn_note]When I ran as a candidate for Tynwald last year, I was required to make similar declarations, and my declarations reached to four pages – community groups I was a member of, charities that I served as a director of, documents that I was the author of, the details of my retirement savings, and so on. As far as I’m aware, I was the only candidate in the entire nation to make such information publicly available online during the election campaign.[/efn_note].

What are members of Tynwald hiding? Do they seriously expect us to believe that they are not a member of any community groups? Do they genuinely have no (or trivial) savings for their retirement?

When will Club Tynwald take appropriate steps to discipline such members, and require compliance with their own rules?

Source documents

Screenshot of Register of Members’ Interests, 6pm on 13 April, 2022

The relevant extract from the Standing Orders of Tynwald Court

The full rules are published online.

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