A journalist holding a camera in the snow, with a military vehicle in the background
Mr Jones

My favourite movie critic, Sonny Bunch, has interview the screenwriter of Mr Jones in his latest podcast:

Sonny is joined this week by Andrea Chalupa, the screenwriter of Mr. Jones, the true story of Gareth Jones’s efforts to bring the horrifying reality of the Stalin-made famine in Ukraine that killed between 3.3 and 3.9 million people. They talk about getting that film written and financed, the response to it, and how best to push back against Russian disinformation via the arts.

A Crucial Film to Understand Ukraine’s Struggle

Listen to the podcast, and then watch the movie – it costs only a couple of pounds on Amazon. It is a confronting story about the murder of millions of Ukrainians, the evil of communism, and the complicity of useful idiots in the West who helped to cover up the genocide of the Holodomor.