Some discussion of the Isle of Man Government’s budget last week. I think it’s important to recognise and congratulate the Government when they do good things, and not just criticise.


  • It was good that the Isle of Man Government has not imposed any new income tax increases (although many fees and charges were increased).
  • It was bad that the Isle of Man Government is cutting the pay of key essential workers.
  • It was ugly that the public could only see the budget documents for a few hours between them being made public, and them being rubber-stamped by Tynwald.

Manx Radio reported:

Michael Josem appeared as a panellist at a Liberal Vannin Question Time event to discuss the Manx budget on Thursday (25 February) evening.

He said: “There was the good, the bad and the ugly.

“The good thing is unreservedly the government does not appear to have imposed any wide-ranging income or corporate tax hikes.

“The last thing after a year of economic harm for many people would have been the introduction of a new Covid tax and it is very good that the government has resisted any urge to introduce such a thing.”

‘The good, the bad and the ugly’ budget

EnergyFM and ThreeFM each ran the same story, but with different photographs. Go figure.