My life is richer because of Daniel Young, the ‘Young’ behind youngandfoodish com. He put me on a path to discovering great pizza, and if you want to enjoy great pizza, you should sign up to his mailing list and learn about his various events.

I heard a good story once about how there are three schools of thought on great pizza:

  1. The historic, authentic, school of thought: “This is my great-great-grandfather’s recipe which has endured though time.”
  2. The scientific precision and analysis school of thought: “Take this flour, proof it for 48 hours, then cook it at 487 degrees for 29 seconds.”
  3. The great memories school of thought: “The on-going effort to try to recreate that great pizza that you remember having as a teenager on a summer night.”

I’ve now been fortunate to enjoy two meals at Pepe in Grani: one with my then-partner in 2018, and another just recently. Those are two of the best meals I’ve had in my life, with Franco Pepe being from the second school of thought above, and using that to build upon authentic history of his family and his community.

If you go, you should get the pizza tasting menu: enjoy at least five slices of world-leading scientific pizza exploration and development.

I’m going to publish a few longer reflections on my recent trip to Italy soon.

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