NAHT IOM Education Pledge
NAHT IOM Education Pledge Credit: NAHT IOM

I’m proud to take the education policy pledge of the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) in Isle of Man. The NAHT are one of the clearest voices on children and young people’s education in the Isle of Man, and seek to create real change for leaders and for learners.

The NAHT says:

NAHT Isle of Man has produced a manifesto for education for General Election 2021 which sets out four key priorities:

-Meeting the needs of all children



-Recruitment and retention of education staff

NAHT – Isle of Man General Election 2021

As a supporter of the pledge, “I pledge to work with the profession, listening to and acting on the views of school leaders as the experts in education in the best interests of all learners. I commit to working with the Isle of Man NAHT on their manifesto for education.”

I have made the same pledge on social media:

Further information on the pledge is available from the NAHT IOM online here.

The full NAHT IOM manifesto is available online here.