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A question from the audience, slightly edited for their privacy:

I am currently researching ASR transcription solutions, and I wonder if you would mind telling me what system you are using to create the transcripts of the Government media briefings on your website?

Private email to Josem, 22 April 2021

My answer, again lightly edited:

Thanks for your email.

I use the service Otter.Ai (that’s their web address).¬†

They offer various pricing plans, and with a free trial, you can either record in real-time or upload a pre-recorded file.

In terms of specific Manx usage, they are very bad at recognising Manx Gaelic words, and often have trouble with some particular words and accents*. I feel uncomfortable quoting directly from the transcription without manually revising/editing the results…so imagine that you would need to do that too.

Private email from Josem, 22 April 2021

*Such as “Isle of Man” which is often rendered as “Alabama” or “Island” or “Ireland” or other. You can see this in many of the transcripts online I’ve published.

The link above is a personal referral code – I gather that I receive some token benefit if you subsequently upgrade to the paid service using my link.

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