Planes at IOM Airport
Planes at IOM Airport Credit: Michael Josem

More than a month ago, I highlighted to the Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading that airlines were not likely to be able to deliver the services that they had sold to Manx travellers. Given that unfortunate situation, I took proactive action to suggest that the Government advise airlines to not wait until the last possible moment to cancel flights.

There is little public evidence that the IOM Government acted on my proactive advice. Instead, they have been left struggling to respond too late. Consequently, flights have been cancelled in the last few days after planes were already taxiing.

Consequently, Manx Radio reports on a conversation I had at Manx Radio on Tuesday 12 July:

There’s a ‘disconnect’ between the expectations of air passengers and what the airlines and the airport are currently providing.

Air passengers reasonable expectations not being met says Manx Taxpayers’ Alliance