Douglas Quay with some clouds in March 2021 Credit: Michael Josem

March 2021 in the Isle of Man was slightly warmer than usual, with a mean temperature of 7.4°C, slightly warmer than March 2020 (7.0°C) and above the long-term mean* of 6.8°C, according to the Ronaldsway Met Office.

During March 2021, there was 47.5mm of rain, which was more than the 39.2mm recorded in March 2020, but almost 20% below the long-term average of 66mm for March.

Ronaldsway Met office also reported 113.5 hours of bright sunshine, below the 162 hours recorded in March 2020, but very close to the long-term March average of 115 hours.

*Throughout, the long-term figures are for the thirty period from 1981-2010.