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The Manx Credit Union have launched a product to help people in the Isle of Man cope with the struggling cost of living:

At MCU we are all aware that we are being affected by the rising costs in keeping warm this winter. The message is to consume less and save before the increased energy bills start to arrive. To help our members, MCU has launched a special savings account called the ‘Energy Fund’ that will sit alongside your main savings account. Paying in a few pounds on a regular basis will soon mount up and can be withdrawn whenever needed. At MCU we don’t claim to be the solution to this financial challenge, but we do say we are part of the answer. If you would like the ‘Energy Fund’ adding to your membership simply reply to office@mcu.im and typing Energy Fund in the subject line.

MCU Email: “Energy Fund” – 6 August 2022

While legacy politicians delay and dither, it is great to see community groups take proactive action to help people ahead of impending price hikes. This is yet again very strong evidence that decentralised liberalism is the best way to organise a society in the 21st century.

You can join me as a member of the Manx Credit Union online now.

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