FC IOM at Sandbach United in the NWCFL First Division Cup in April 2022
FC IOM at Sandbach United in the NWCFL First Division Cup in April 2022 Credit: Michael Josem Credit: Michael Josem

FC Isle of Man are playing in the The First Division Cup Quarter Finals against AFC Darwen on Monday 2nd May – this is part of the early May long weekend of 30 April to 2 May. You’re welcome to join our group to watch the game.

The “official” group plans

I am told that the FC IOM team themselves are travelling on the boat from Douglas to Heysham, coach to Darwen, and then coach to Liverpool, and then boat back to Douglas. Contact Manx Travel if you want to be a part of that.

Our “unofficial” group plans

  1. You need to make your own arrangements to get to Liverpool (flights from IOM to Liverpool are available with Loganair and EasyJet). You might want to spend the weekend in Liverpool or elsewhere.
  2. I’ll arrange a shared hire car (picking up at both Liverpool Airport, and Liverpool City, as needed) to take us to the Darwen ground, and then back to Liverpool after the match.
  3. You need to make your arrangements to get from Liverpool onwards – we can easily drop you off in Liverpool for the boat alongside the FC IOM team, or at Liverpool Airport for the plane.

If you want to join our “unofficial” group

Contact Michael Josem by email to michael@michaeljosem.com or on +WhatsApp to 07624 488557 or phone +447624488557.

The cost per person for the shared hire car, including your share of the hire car fee and the fuel will be £50 per person. This includes pickup and drop-off on the day to/from Liverpool.

Other notes:

  1. This group is not officially endorsed by FC IOM.
  2. I’m just an individual guy sharing the car hire amongst a few folks. This is not a professional or for-profit endeavour.
  3. The Monday morning flight from IOM to Liverpool with Loganair arrives before 9am. If it suits, we might as well head into Liverpool early for breakfast/coffee/beer/etc.
  4. We will plan Liverpool City by 11.30am, and get to the ground by 1pm.
  5. The match starts at 1:45pm.
  6. Yes, you can bring your own drinks etc. on the hire car. You’ll need to comply with the rules at the ground with regards to drinks and everything else (they’ll likely be operating a bar).
  7. You’ll need to pay your own admission to the ground for £5 or so.
  8. In the event that we have 9 of us, the cost per person will be less than £50, and I’ll apply appropriate refunds (the total cost will likely only be £40/person in that case)

Michael Josem is a long-term consumer advocate, most prominently as a global leader in combating fraud in the online gambling industry. He was in part the inspiration for the 20th Century Fox Movie, Runner Runner, starring Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake.

Josem has over a decade of experience as a senior business leader working across various high-tech and online industries, and takes action to build a better community. His primary volunteer roles include service for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, and Graih, the homelessness charity.