A few weeks ago, just after I announced that I was running for Tynwald, I was here volunteering with the Foodbank, and one of my friends here asked me, “Hey, Josem, why you still volunteering for us here? Shouldn’t you be out campaigning?”

And the answer I said to him at the time, to Bernard, was “No – because this is more important.”

This work for the Foodbank, this work for the community, is more important than politics.

And it’s important for a few reasons.

First of all, it’s more fun! I enjoy the friendships and the connections I’ve made with the other volunteers, and also with the recipients, that I’ve met over the time I’ve been doing this.

Second of all, it’s important and adds to my purpose in life. And, I’d encourage you, if you’re lacking purpose, if you’re lacking connections, drop us a message and I’d happily connect you with a group that suits you and suits your interests.

And so whether it be a religious or a humanist or faith group, whether it be a service group, whether it be a sporting group, whether it be some other interest group, drop us a message I’m sure we can find something that’s fun for you.

It’s like we’re a vine of humans, and we are more fruitful when we’re connected. A disconnected vine doesn’t doesn’t produce any grapes. So if you’re interested in contributing to a, and being part of a, team, take the first step.

Drop us a message.

The first step is the hardest and it’s good fun from there on in!